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  • Micki has been my go-to seamstress for all my tailor needs for many years now. She's hemmed countless pants and fitted tons of shirts, buttoned and t-shirts, to be more flattering on my body. She's even made me a custom suit jacket exactly to my specifications and several Halloween costumes and cosplay costumes. She's been so amazing I've referred many other people for their own handmade custom wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. She's definitely the best seamstress in Gilbert and probably the entire greater Phoenix area.
    - Dackota J., Gilbert
  • We needed my husband's dress pants hemmed immediately, and had called around to all the businesses in Mesa. Most could only do 3 to 7-day turnaround, and were charging much extra for a "rush". I called Micki, and she took us in on a Saturday afternoon and had his pants finished by dinner time. Very sweet lady, very comparable pricing.  Didn't charge us for a rush job either. What we loved? Micki is a total perfectionist with her alterations. She will sit and pin and pin until you are 1000% satisfied with where the hem will be, and also offers a very good sense of style with ways the hem would look better. If it should be tapered, longer in the back, etc. She works out of her house, which doesn't matter to me one bit.  We will definitely only be using Micki here in Mesa. Thank you for being so accommodating.
    - Trista M., Gilbert
  • On the telephone, Micki is delightful! She advised me of her new address.
    4396 E Houston Ave, Gilbert (Baseline and Recker)
    - Robert D., Mesa

I specialize in custom handmade wedding dresses, cosplay costumes, hemming and any alterations

I Upgrade Your Wardrobe Through Tailoring And Alterations

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to look amazing no matter what they are wearing? There is a very good chance that those people are taking their clothes to a tailor. Even cheap clothes can look expensive when the clothing fits properly. Tailoring and alterations are the perfect way to upgrade and improve your wardrobe. When every piece in your closet hugs your body perfectly, you'll look polished and stylish no matter what you wear. Here are a few of the reasons you should have your clothing tailored:

It's Affordable

Taking your clothing to a tailor is probably a lot more affordable than you think. If you are only looking for minor alterations, it won't cost you much to have your clothing tailored. In addition, it's important to remember that you won't have to have all of the items in your closet tailored at the same time. You can take in a few pieces at the time. When you get a new piece, you can take that to a tailor as well. Eventually, you will have a closet full of perfectly tailored clothing.

It Can Increase The Lifespan Of Your Clothing

A lot of people are reluctant to spend any money on tailoring. They are worried that their clothing won't last long enough for them to appreciate the work that their tailor is done. When clothing breaks down or falls apart, it is usually because of low quality stitching. When a tailor fixes your clothing for you, that won't be an issue. Your tailor will add new stitches to your clothing, which means that it will last a long time.

You'll Spend Less Money On Clothing

Do you have clothing in your wardrobe that you never bother to wear? If you do, you certainly aren't alone. A lot of people are excited about a piece of clothing when they see it on the rack, but aren't happy with the way that clothing looks on their body. When you have your clothing altered, every piece in your closet will look great on you. You'll want to wear every piece in your closet. You will never feel like you have nothing to wear; you'll have plenty of terrific pieces available to you.

You'll Look More Professional

It's important for both men and women to have a professional wardrobe. When you look professional, you'll make a better impression on the people that interview you for a job. Tailoring can make you look a lot more polished than you normally do. When your interviewer sees how put together you look, they will be very impressed. Alterations can also help you to make a more positive impression on clients. There are many benefits to tailoring and alterations. Find a tailor in your area, and take a few pieces to them. Once you see the difference that a tailor can make, you'll want to have everything altered before you wear it. Tailoring can completely transform a wardrobe. Give your wardrobe the upgrade that it needs.

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Example alteration costs

Type of service
Cost Time
Example 1 $23 1 day
Example 2 $100 2 days
Example 3 $230 2 days
Example 4 $76 4 hours
Example 5 $10 2 hours

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